Award Winning Follow Me Sculptural Vase

Heloise Rajkumari Presents The Follow Me Sculptural Vase

Heloise Rajkumari, the project leader of the awarded project Sculptural Vase by Heloise Rajkumari explains, “Follow Me” is designed to be a sculptural vase and is inspired from the bird “Peacock”. The intent is to provide an aid for arranging flowers in patterns, and to help in increasing the post harvest life of cut flowers. The design has semi open form composed of a body and a wing piece to allow air circulation around stems and easy addition of water without disturbing the arrangement. The detachable wing pieces are perforated in different patterns to aid various arrangements. The vase provides aid for arrangement while the flowers complete the overall form, thus complementing each other. .

Award Winning Follow Me Sculptural Vase Images:


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