Wipe'n Vacuum-Hard Floor Cleaner by Yasemin Ulukan

Yasemin Ulukan Demonstrates The Wipe'n Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner

Yasemin Ulukan, the lead designer of the displayed project Hard Floor Cleaner:Wipe'n Vacuum by Yasemin Ulukan explains, Wipe’n Vacuum is an all-inclusive product that sweeps, wipes, removes stains and dries the floor, it provides the users with a new and efficient cleaning experience. It can also be used as a water filter vacuum cleaner. Moreover, since all of the parts that dirt and dust pass through have been designed in a removable way, the use and cleaning of Wipe’n Vacuum is practical and easy, which saves the user’s valuable time. An air engine is used to power the brush which eliminates the danger risks. This allows for the user’s hygiene needs and expectations to be completely met..

Wipe'n Vacuum-Hard Floor Cleaner by Yasemin Ulukan Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=26392

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