Residential Apartment:chi On Jardine's Lookout by Wesley Liu

Wesley Liu Presents The Chi On Jardine's Lookout Residential Apartment

Wesley Liu, the creator of the highlighted project Residential Apartment by Wesley Liu illustrates, Approaching the Foyer, you would be forgiven if you had found yourself mistaking this as an entrance to a Taoist place of worship. Based on Traditional Feng Shui, the Main Entrance is a very important space as this is the focal point where Chi is channeled, constantly replenishing and circulating throughout the living spaces, enhancing the well being of its occupants. It is the ‘Mouth of Chi’, as with the human body, the front door is also the way nutrition (energy) enters home. The position of the Main Entrance door has thusly been carefully considered to nourish the house and cultivate the health and wealth of the family. Further to this, the incorporation of an Ancient Coin patterned finish was a prerequisite element required for the ceiling, of which required interpreting into a more contemporary design. This was achieved by creating dual layers of plywood with laser cut circles, accentuated by the warm luminance of LED lighting. The striking console table was designed to complement the ceiling feature, along with bronze pendant lamps highlighting the ornaments, creating a welcoming Zen-like ambience. .

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